Backup Management


Complete Data Backup, Completely No Worries...Backup Management

Data management
Cmczona, LLC can help you figure out a convenient and effective way to safeguard your data by making redundant copies of it either on other computers or on offline media such as writeable CD-ROM and DVD-ROM, FTP File transfer to your own network, or an External Hard Drive. In many cases automated processes (software programs within the OS or third-party applications) can be created that require very little attention or maintenance for the backup processes.


PC Data Backups
Digital photos, MP3’s, financial data, and all your saved documents. How are you safeguarding your critical information? If your hard drive crashes from a virus, a disgruntled employee or a power outage, do you have a way to retrieve the data without spending hours manually putting it all back into the computer?

Data Transfer
Sometimes you need to move or exchange data from one computer to another. This is the case when you buy a new computer. Email addresses, calendar information, web favorites, and application data are information used daily and may not be easy to recreate if there isn’t a backup. Let Cmczona, LLC do this for you.

Business Solutions
We offer Cloud computer backup for everything from one personal Mac or PC, to one- thousand business workstations. Never stress about data loss again. Workstation Backup Made Easy Protect all data on employee computers, automatically and affordably.