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We offer full-service marketing consulting services including website development and graphic solutions.


Business Planning

Let us help you to define and address your organization’s needs, define your business goals, devise a strategy, decide on a course of action, develop a solution, deploy it across your organization, and deliver improved business results.

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Elevate your business with tailored digital solutions designed to meet your every need. Achieve unparalleled satisfaction as we propel your enterprise to new heights.


Who We Are At Cmczona

Cmczona, LLC is a business development and information technology solution provider. We specialize in providing small to medium-sized business with the best price, quality, reliability and support. Our strength is our customer base and their support. These business relationships help us stay ahead of our competition and provide the superior results you deserve.

Cmczona.com was started by Christopher Coleman in 2009. An engineering management and entrepreneurship graduate from the University of Arizona, We began designing graphics and websites to help pay for college. After several word of mouth recommendations we have expanded Cmczona, LLC into a company that provides turnkey business and IT solutions. The company has a strong customer focus and provides cost effective solutions.


What We Are Offering

Do you have great ideas but just need a talented and accomplished team to build them?

Project Management

As a project management consulting firm, our services are tailored to address the most common and crucial needs of professional project managers. More

Operations Management

As an operations management consulting firm, our services are designed to meet the most common and critical needs of business owners and operations managers. More

Supply Chain

As a supply chain management and logistics management consulting firm, our services aim to address the most common and critical needs of business owners and supply chain managers. More

Sales Plans

Is your small to medium-sized business not producing the sales results you want? Let us help you reach high impact sales. More

Advertising Consulting

Not sure how to make the most out of a limited advertising budget? As a branding agency we can point you in the right direction with the latest trends in your industry. More

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    Entrepreneurial Journey and Professional Narrative

    I am a data-driven project manager with a strong technical background and extensive experience in defense and commercial manufacturing sectors. As both an engineer and entrepreneur, I excel in managing projects across the entire product life cycle. My key strengths include organizational skills, analytical thinking, and effective troubleshooting. I am adept at presenting complex ideas to diverse audiences and have a proven track record of meeting deadlines and exceeding expectations.


    Customer Feedback

    Christopher's prowess in engineering project management and supply chain logistics is truly commendable. His strategic acumen and meticulous planning have consistently translated into successful project outcomes. Christopher's ability to seamlessly integrate engineering projects with an efficient supply chain has not
    Read More

    Robert Sites

    CEO at New Hope Machine & Automation

    Christopher's project management experience has been nothing short of exceptional. The systematic and strategic approach not only streamlined workflows but also significantly boosted the overall productivity of our team. I credit his project management skills for not just meeting, but
    Read More

    Ray Lancaster

    CEO at Pyramid Federal Credit Union

    “It's not fair that I must only choose three attributes to describe Mr. Coleman's expertise, professionalism and vision. I was looking for a website that could drive business for my company. I wanted it to look professional and inviting but
    Read More

    Rodney Gullatte

    Jr., CEO & Owner, Firma IT Solutions and Services

    Christopher is an amazing young engineer and innovative thinker. He learns fast and is well grounded, trustworthy, and reliable. Gets the job done on time and within established budget!

    Sean Conway

    Owner & CEO, Clap Kindness

    Christopher is was a highly motivated, pro-active, and quick-thinking individual. His knowledge in all aspects of the technology field truly impressed me when I first met him and worked directly with him for 9 months on a brand ambassador campaign.
    Read More

    Jason Kryshka

    Marketing & Sales Associate, Myxer

    Christopher was hired as one of twenty-five college brand ambassadors to help spread the Myxer brand to our target demographic---college students. Christopher was always the one who came up with the best ideas/marketing programs--and in a very short time--showed so
    Read More

    Steve Spiro

    VP Marketing, Myxer

    Christopher is an amazing young engineer and innovative thinker. He learns fast and is well grounded, trustworthy, and reliable. Gets the job done on time and within established budget!

    Thomas Zaleski

    President, Thomas Capital Management

    I found Christopher to be highly knowledgable and able to "hit the ground running" in terms of helping me with my IT issues. He made a big difference in a very short amount of time and it was simple and
    Read More

    Kristin Passath

    CEO EventMakers, hired Christopher as a IT Consultant

    Christopher is a very career orineted indivdual as well as maintains a professional attitude while interfacing with all aspects required of his position with a work ethic that goes above and beyond to complete work assigned.

    Steve Wilkinson

    Interface Architect, Techsoft Solution

    I highly recommend Christopher Coleman for any leadership or entrepreneurial role. As his academic advisor at the University of Arizona, I witnessed his exceptional intelligence and kindness. Christopher's out-of-the-box thinking and his pursuit of multiple minors, including engineering management, material
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    Keith Rocci

    Library Director