Business Planning


Business Planning

Our business plans stand out because we know how to tell a compelling story in a concise way. Of course, we also know what sound business strategy is, and we know how to clearly reflect that strategy in your financial projections. We use a streamlined process and proprietary set of tools to help us be efficient in the development process. But we’re extremely flexible too. We adapt our process to suit your preferred working style and your particular objectives. We insist on collaboration because that’s the only way to marry our experience with your vision to develop a unique and exceptional business plan.


4 Principles for developing a great business plan: Quality, Efficiency, Collaboration and Flexibility.

  • Quality-To us, quality means delivering an exceptional plan on every dimension – strategy, storyline, writing and financial projections.

  • Efficiency-We work efficiently by utilizing proprietary tools, following a clear process, and leveraging past experience.

  • Collaboration-We believe that the combination of your ideas and our expertise is the foundation for a great plan. More importantly, collaboration is critical to ensuring that the plan reflects your vision and is something you feel confident executing. By collaborating throughout the process, we ensure that there are no surprises.

  • Flexibility-With the first three principles in mind, we tailor each engagement to meet your preferred working style and your specific objectives. Whether you’d like us to take your existing first draft and make it sing, or take the lead on articulating your business concept, we’ll design a process that works for you. Similarly, we can talk through ideas over the phone, or work via e-mail, depending on your preferences.