Search Engine Optimization - SEO

Why Design with SEO? Search engines are the main way Internet users find what they are looking for on the Internet. It is necessary to include Search Engine Optimization SEO or the site will not be indexed and not show up on the major search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing.

What do search engines do?

They perform 3 basic tasks:

1.) Search engine spiders find and fetch web pages, a process called crawling or spidering, then build a lists of words phrases found on each page. Search engines then keep an index (or database) of the words and phrases found on each page, which they are able to crawl.
2.) End users use search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, to search their indices for keywords and keyword phrases.
3.) Search engines then try to match the words in the search with the web page that is most likely to have information for which the end user is searching.


Search Engine Visibility

Search engine visibility starts with knowing what words your target market would search for. These words are called “Keywords” or “Keyword Phrases” which must match the search engine criteria in order to be ranked and displayed. The most important areas ranked by the search engines are the “Page Title” and the “Page Description” then the physical web text content of the site. Where do the search engines find these keywords? 1. Title Tags 2. Visible Body Text 3. Meta Tags 4. Graphic Images

Web Page Titles Web pages use a tag called to tell the search engine the title of your web site to be displayed. Also it is displayed at the top left hand corner in the title bar of the current window.

META Tags & Description META Tags are used as part of your HTML code. Some “Spiders” use the information contained within META Tags to index your Web page. In most cases a Spider will grab only the first few words, sentences or paragraphs and use those words as the description and keywords for your Web page. When properly constructed you can actually control how these robots display your Web page in their search engines. Web pages use a META Tag called “Description” to tell the search engine what the web site is about.

Key Word Selection Take the time to search for sites, which have similar content. When successful in locating the similar sites annotate and use these words as Keywords. Do not assume you know what words your target audience will search with. A good source for keywords is a company’s current marketing material remove all the marketing hype and observe the common keywords used for the industry or product.

SEO Popularity Component Search engines use an algorithm to calculate how popular the site is. The more popular the site the higher you will appear on searches. Attaining popularity is not a simple task and is based on two components Link Popularity and Click Through Popularity.
Link Popularity is not as simple as getting numerous links from other sites. The higher the quality of the link (i.e. that sties popularity) carries more weight than a less popular un- indexed site.
Click Through Popularity is difficult also both the major search engines and directories are measuring how often end users are clicking the links to your site. This includes links from other sites and search engines displaying the site for a search requested.

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