Why do you need A Website?


Why do you need A Website?

By: Christopher M. Coleman

In 2024, acknowledging the pivotal role of cutting-edge technology is crucial for your business’s online presence. With internet usage consistently rising by approximately 5% each year, a staggering 84% of the nation’s population is now connected. Failing to establish your online footprint means forfeiting the attention of millions to your competitors.

While it may be tempting to entrust website development to a tech-savvy acquaintance, mere proficiency in tools and techniques doesn’t guarantee a compelling result. A functional website is one thing, but does it effectively communicate your company’s identity? Will it encourage repeat visits? Is it optimized for search engines, featuring impeccable layout, design, and typography? If the answer is affirmative, then perhaps considering your cousin’s brother for the task is worth exploring.

A successful website should swiftly captivate and engage consumers, showcasing products and outlining services with precision. A polished website not only attracts potential customers but also encourages them to share it, amplifying your business reach.

Why settle for anything less than excellence from the start? Consider assembling a dedicated team of professionals, each with a degree in their specialized field and a genuine passion for design, coding, or marketing. Collaborating on your project as if it were their own, this team ensures that your website becomes a powerful and cost-effective marketing tool.

Leveraging firsthand experience, a commitment to design excellence, and a keen understanding of your requirements, we are here to guide you in creating the most impactful website for your business.

Not Just Web Development:
It’s also worth noting that for a truly successful online presence you will need to support it with a good offline campaign. It’s ridiculous to spend a lot of money on the website and then end up designing your brochures and business cards in WordPad

Our Approach:
Aside from our build process there is an enormous level of detail, planning and head scratching that goes into every one of our projects weather it’s web or print.

1: Analysis
First we look at your project and ask: “What are your goals? And what do you want to achieve with this?”

2: Planning
We then plan out your entire web site: We figure out where buttons go, where to put slide show and boxes, what features you need and what features you don’t.

3: Designing
This is where we design a mockup for you. And show you how everything is going to look.

4: Building
In this stage we convert all the pretty pictures and planning into a code that your web browser can understand.